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Keys, being mechanical components, can break or bend out of shape over time. If your car key is damaged in some way, you need Rumford Local Locksmith ’s auto locksmiths to make you a new one. We also provide an automobile keys programming  service, if the chip in the transponder or smart key needs to be reprogrammed. We have made new keys for countless vehicle owners in Rumford, RI over the past decade. You can rely on our locksmiths to make you new ones or reprogram your old ones affordably and quickly.Rumford Local Locksmith Rumford, RI 401-757-6195

What types do we work with?

Here are some of the common types we can program:

  • Transponder key : These have a fob on them, which comes embedded with a small chip. When you insert this in the ignition switch, the engine control unit (ECU) in your car will read the code programmed into the chip and disengage the car’s immobilizer. If the code is wrong, the car won’t start.
  • Remote key : These have a remote fob attached to them. When you press a button on the remote, you can lock/unlock the car remotely. The remote on these types transmits a signal to your vehicle to get it to unlock.
  • Flip keys : These are a relatively new invention which our automobile keys programming  service provides support for. They are just like transponder variants, except for the fact that it can be ‘flipped’ to fold inside the plastic fob.

If your car key has been made before 1995, it can’t be programmed. We can cut you a duplicate, though.

Why do you need our service?

You may need our automobile keys programming  service in many different scenarios. You can hire us when:

  • Your old car ones are broken or damaged in some way
  • Your key fob is malfunctioning
  • You lost your old set
  • You need a spare
  • The transponder chip inside the fob is damaged in some way

We will use our advanced equipment to reprogram your key quickly. We also make a new set in a matter of minutes.

Hire our automobile keys programming  experts now on 401-757-6195